om room

om room gallery

The Star City OM Room is primarily focused on displaying artwork from local artists. We regularly feature a rotation of exhibits from local artists as well as originals from Pat Olchefscki-Winston.

monk drums

Star City’s OM Room features one-of-a-kind handcrafted wooden dual-chambered drums. These drums are exclusively designed and developed at a carpentry shop located in Southern New Mexico. Visit their website at

“as an artist who is eternally curious, i do my best to approach each painting with a ‘spirit set free’ – with the hope that something new is about to happen as my brush touches down onto the paper or canvas.”

~ pat olchefski-winston

the monk drum

The Monk Drum is a handcrafted single-headed wooden instrument. The drum’s composition combines the high tones of a quinto with the low tones of a tumba into a single playing surface. Open tones, muted tones, slap tones and bass tones are all attainable with a single drum! The front facing port allows for easy microphone placement and it’s standalone floor to head height makes it a huge convenience for percussionists performing seated acoustic sets.

el paso hallway exhibit

The “El Paso” Hallway has artwork inspired by the local southwest scenery and land-marks. It is currently featuring original artwork by Pat Olchefski-Winston. This space is also available for visiting recording, photographers and fine artists to display their work.