Audio Dialogue Replacement

Studio C

In late 2022, we retrofitted Studio C as an ADR stage to tailer to nearly every type of post-production session. With our top of the line SSL AWS 900 series console, we can provide you with the capabilities to record traditional analog and the latest digital recording/playback formats. Complete your upcoming television project or film with our versatile facility and skilled sound professionals.

  • Stage dimensions: 32′ x 29′ (24′ to ceiling)
  • Screen dimensions:  15’W x 10’H
  • Projector Throw:  30’
  • Recording & digital video playback via ProTools Ultimate
  • Remote Recording via Source-Connect Pro (-capable of simultaneously connecting to 4 locations at once)
  • Certified by Source Elements
  • Telos phone patch capability
  • (1) Tascam DA-40
  • Comtek wireless headphone system allowing increased mobility for loop groups
  • Video camera for (animation) talent capture
  • Christie DLP projector
  • DVD/BD Playback on stage
  • SSL Duality console with Fox designed Ahead In Past electronics, Soundmaster control
  • Client office with stage view next to control room
  • WiFi
  • Zoom-Enterprise Level